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Health IT should move beyond EHRs
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New healthcare technologies are invented frequently which are transforming the very industry remarkably. As health-IT is booming hospitals health care providers should begin to apply the new technologies beyond the basics as electronic record...

Fulfilling the Promises of Health Information Technology: Expect to Maximize Positive Patient Care Outcomes, Advance Analytics and Innovate Research with Tele-Healthcare Application
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Donna Lee Armaignac, Director Best Practice, Baptist Health South Florida

The challenges to healthcare delivery today are surpassing conceivable solutions. Increasing number and severity of patients exist with concomitant decreased supply of and access to care specialists. Higher acuity patients that were formerly cared...

Can we have Connected Health without Connected Physicians?
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Sarah Kramer, Chief Medical Information Officer, Yuma Regional Medical Center

Sometimes it seems that the terms Virtual Visits and Telehealth are a bit like fusion energy. It is the technology of the future, and always will be. In other senses, these care platforms have been in place for many years now, often hyped, and...

Frustrations of a Healthcare CIO
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Mark Crandall, CIO, Consulate Health Care

As a national leading provider of senior healthcare services to 150 care centers in 15 states, Consulate Health Care has grown with a strong focus on patient needs. When I took the post as CIO back in 2014, my team was driven by company goals...

MTBC Announces Partnership with Salus TeleHealth
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SOMERSET, N.J. : MTBC (NASDAQ: MTBC) (NASDAQ: MTBCP), a leading provider of proprietary, cloud-based healthcare IT and practice management solutions announced a strategic partnership with Salus Telehealth (Salus), a leading...

Enhancing Patient Engagement using Connected Healthcare
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The medical industry is navigating through a proliferation of healthcare technology devices. With the digital devices seeing a surge in their usage, particularly in the medical arena, connected health is also witnessing a shift in its recognition...

WEDI Announces Agenda for National Conference 2018
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WASHINGTON, DC — The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), the nation’s leading nonprofit authority on the use of health IT to create efficiencies in healthcare information exchange and a statutory advisor to the U.S....

Connected Healthcare and Patient Engagement
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As healthcare technology permeates the medical industry, experts continue to evaluate the impact of connected health tools on patient engagement and the overall patient experience. Connected Health encompasses wireless, digital, electronic,...

Telehealth and Challenges in Reimbursement
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Lynn Gibson, Chief Technology Officer/VP, CHRISTUS Health

To borrow from the opening lines of the 70’s TV show “Six Million Dollar Man”—we have the technology, we have the capability—well that is almost where we are with telehealth today but we are still fighting one big...

Six Trends Accelerating Telemedicine Adoption
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Todd Czartoski, MD, Chief Executive Telehealth, Chief Medical Technology Officer, Providence St. Joseph Health

Telehealth has been incubating in the healthcare industry for almost 40 years. Within the past few years it has gathered new momentum, and now, as six current trends come into alignment, the tipping point for telehealth adoption is on the horizon....

Ushering in an Era of Telehealth
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Natasa Sokolovich, Executive Director, Telehealth, UPMC

Factors that Led to the Expansion of Telehealth Services across UPMC Our vision at UPMC is to transform healthcare delivery, developing new models of care that allow us to provide a seamless “virtual to bricks and mortar”...

Should We Really Point the Finger at Technology for Patient Care Challenges?
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Sheri Stoltenberg, Founder & CEO, Stoltenberg Consulting

As patient expectations evolve, today’s healthcare providers must also adjust in order to meet consumer demands along with government mandates and reimbursement requirements. Yet still, many clinicians struggle with providing desired patient...

Healthcare Transformation and our Journey to a New World
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Tim Tindle, EVP & CIO, Harris Health System

Background As the safety net health system supporting Harris County, Texas, Harris Health System has provided essential medical services to the underserved of its community for more than 50 years. Harris County is the third most populous county...

Telehealth: Tomorrow's Breakthrough Challenged by Today's Problems
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Victor Camlek, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Telehealth, sometimes referred to as telemedicine, is a combination of telecommunications services combined with advanced medical device technology and cloud-based platforms used to deliver healthcare to patients not in the same physical...

Future Trends in TeleHealth
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Lynn Gibson, VP/CTO, CHRISTUS Health

Telehealth and telemedicine have been in the active discussion of future trends in healthcare for many years. With the growing change in governmental support, technology, and societal demand for convenience, we continue to see a growing...

Technology: Bringing Paradigm Shifts in Healthcare Treatment
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Michelle Woodley, RN, MSN, Chief Nursing Information Officer, St. Joseph Health

Today, the roles of CIO and CNIO are witnessing a great transformation. Interpreting and bridging the chasm between the needs of the patients and technology offerings have become basic requisites for a CNIO. At St. Joseph Health, we apply our deep...

Is the Sleep Lab Obsolete? Telehealth and the Future of Sleep Medicine
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Joseph Krainin, President & Founder, Singular Sleep

The "diffusion of innovation" theory holds that there are five stages to the adoption of new technology that conform to a bell-shaped curve as seen below. There is abundant evidence to suggest that, nationally, telemedicine is moving...

Telehealth: The Future is Today
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Jeffrey H. Sopp, CEO, PRIVIT

Telehealth can be as simple as two healthcare professionals discussing a case, to a high tech robotic surgery happening between two facilities. Regardless, telehealth leverages technology to provide health-related services and information...

Mount Sinai: Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry
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Kumar Chatani, EVP & CIO, The Mount Sinai Hospital

The Mount Sinai Health Sys­tem has become a leader in shifting to a value-based health care model from a fee-for-service model. It is one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the country, consisting of seven hospital campuses and...

Reaching Out to Improve Rural Healthcare
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Mark Simon, Interim CIO, Benefis Health System

My first experience in rural healthcare was in 2010 as the CIO of the western region of Montana for Providence Health & Services. In this role, I was responsible for technology and services across all of Western Montana. "Getting more...