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Boris Zavalkovskiy, CEO, Brit SystemsBoris Zavalkovskiy, CEO, Brit Systems
From the nostalgia of 90s film technology to the advent of digital images in the 2000s, Healthcare providers are still struggling to manage comprehensive and detailed electronic patient records. Needless to say, storing and sharing diagnostic imaging data continues to be a very tricky prospect. The challenge has since been amplified by the shortage of qualified radiologists and the new realities of the post-pandemic world. This is where specialists like Brit Systems can make the difference.

Founded in 1993, Brit Systems is one of the earliest innovators in digitizing Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and has established itself as an industry leader in offering turnkey solutions, including PACS, and Radiology Information System (RIS), Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) among other solutions for a full list of solutions please visit Based on customer needs, the company provides custom on-premise software systems, cloud-based systems, or both.

The solution has a simple user interface where clinicians can seamlessly view/access images they need to do a full diagnostic reading. The content can be accessed from the web regardless of their location and without requiring any additional networking software. It even functions as administrative support for radiologists enabling them to schedule appointments for reading images within multiple sites. Evidently, it facilitates hiring qualified radiologists worldwide.

“We are solving both technological and business problems in this space,” says David Dion, Director, Operations at Brit Systems.

When it comes to client onboarding, Brit first evaluates client needs and suggests to them the right equipment. Afterward, Brit can deploy equipment through which clients can access PACS and RIS, and take advantage of advanced calendar services for scheduling. For clients with high volume/redundancy needs, the company installs a local system synchronized with the cloud, enabling clinicians to access the images/information without requiring any VPN. In addition, Brit can integrate with most of the EMR solution in the market, including custom-designed ones, giving radiologists unparalleled insight into patients’ records.

Not stopping there, Brit holds the ability to integrate with advanced visualization tools, supports AI functionalities, and also provides embedded voice recognition.

Holding such unique feature sets, Brit has benefited many healthcare service providers.

For example, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, based in Houston, has been one of Brit’s longest-standing clients for more than two decades. They have more than twenty clinics under their care, with reading workstations at each clinic and both offand on-site radiologists. As a result, Brit has integrated their EHR solutions enabling them to seamlessly store and retrieve patients’ records/images. Kelsey-Seybold’s clinicians have conducted more than ten million studies leveraging these solutions, which affirms Brit’s commitment to providing customer satisfaction.

We started by helping customers who were still using film step into the digital space, and today, we have transitioned into offering innovative cloud-based solutions

Similarly, Brit is gearing up to go live with PACS, RIS, Worklist management and voice recognition for another client named Envision Professional Services. They have more than 500 hospitals with 30,000 physicians of different niches. In addition, Envision has more than 400 people on the system and facilitates more than 5 million studies per year for their radiology practice.

“We started out by helping customers who were still using film step into the digital space and today we have transitioned into offering innovative cloud-based solutions,” says Zavalkovskiy, CEO of Brit Systems.

Having scripted many such client success stories, Brit discerns itself on several fronts, including creating architecture for all types of business within the healthcare space. The company’s solutions are highly flexible/modular, owing to its ability to integrate with any EMR. In addition, Brit provides client support 24/7, which is highly beneficial for clients who have no designated IT support. “We have highly talented systems and PACS administrators in our support organization, they can provide support in terms of system issues and also train customers on how to use the software and its integrations,” says Brian Bandy, Director of Support and Infrastructure at Brit Systems.

In essence, Brit’s immense value proposition enables it to continuously help clients take advantage of its turnkey PACS and RIS digital solutions.

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Brit Systems

Brit Systems

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Boris Zavalkovskiy, CEO , Brit Systems

The company provides turnkey digital PACS and RIS solutions for health care providers.