Emergent Connect: Architects of Zero Footprint Imaging Solutions '

Emergent Connect: Architects of Zero Footprint Imaging Solutions

Mike Spears, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Emergent ConnectMike Spears, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Emergent Connect
The profound impact of diagnostic imaging technologies on healthcare is perceptible from the phenomenal adoption of next-gen imaging platforms that enable clinicians to attain clinical productivity at a substantially low cost of ownership. Catering to this growing exigency for on-demand access to imaging information is the Lakeway, TX-based Emergent Connect that specializes in radiology solutions. Emergent Connect’s excursion into the realm of radiology solutions can be traced back to when they partnered with a national teleradiology service provider to launch their first PACS/RIS solution for the healthcare domain. Emergent Connect today provides a one-stop solution for their clients’ diverse medical imaging needs with their single platform solution—Exceed PACS/RIS.

Unlike the resource-intensive traditional radiology solutions, Exceed PACS/RIS is a comprehensive diagnostic imaging solution package based on zero-footprint and 100 percent cloud-based architecture; that diminishes the need for huge capital investments and ongoing maintenance. A convenient to use, device-agnostic platform, Exceed PACS/RIS specifically caters to the diagnostic imaging needs of urgent care centers and regional hospital chains. Equipped with advanced toolsets for rapid image optimization, a powerful workflow engine for streamlined operations, a built-in Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Viewer and a real-time worklist for multi-site reading, Exceed PACS/ RIS offers radiologists a consistent viewing environment and a single-point access to patient information. For example, the imaging centers can use the robust viewer platform to store their patients’ medical records, schedule an appointment based on the modalities, upload the images, generate reports, and also bill it through the system.

Furthermore, Exceed PACS/RIS integrates seamlessly with other systems of record such as EMR/EHR to offer automatic bi-directional electronic data exchange for improved workflows, productivity, and quality of care.

We have an open communication line with our clients to ensure that we provide them products that they need to help their patients best

Exceed PACS/RIS features multiple levels of tailored viewers forthe orthopedic, chiropractic and radiology-specific practices, which allows the referring physicians to observe all the measurements and annotations within an EMR/EHR. “Instead of being constrained by uneconomical workstations, with Exceed PACS/RIS, referring physicians have the freedom to opt for a web-based architecture that allows real-time and on-demand access to EMR/EHR records,” explains Mike Spears, Executive Vice President-Sales and Marketing, Emergent Connect.

The multi-platform functionality of Exceed PACS/RIS makes it compatible with a host of browsers, operating systems, Android, and IOS/Apple mobile devices, which allows the referring physicians to have an easy browser-based access to all images and reports. For instance, Emergent Connect was approached by a multi-specialty imaging center which was using multiple imaging solutions that were not cloud-based. Initially, the client’s referring physicians who worked remotely were unable to access the images on demand. After implementing Emergent Connect’s one stop diagnostic imaging solution, the imaging center could provide their referring physicians with on-demand access along with options to annotate on all the images. This, in turn, allowed the patients to see the comments made by the referring doctor and to have a better understanding of their medical condition.

“We have an open communication line with our clients to ensure that we provide them products that they need to help their patients best,” adds Spears. Spears ascribes the firm’s exponential growth to an exceptionally talented in-house development team that develops solutions tailored to meet their client’s requirements. Alongside, Emergent Connect’s extensive partner network of dealers and resellers proactively tracks their customers’ needs and based on this chain of trust Emergent Connect has successfully expanded their product lines across multiple radiology sub-specialties.