HeartCare Imaging: Enhancing Operational Excellence

HeartCare Imaging: Enhancing Operational Excellence

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Robert J. Stilley, President & CEO, HeartCare ImagingRobert J. Stilley, President & CEO, HeartCare Imaging
It was during his stint with Summit World Trade, a sales and service company in the diagnostic imaging arena, that Robert J. Stilley understood first hand that physicians faced hurdles in successfully implementing and operating the equipment without downtime. This profound insight paved the way for the genesis of HeartCare Imaging (HCI) upholding Stilley’s firm conviction that as opposed to just selling the equipment, physicians and hospitals benefit, both clinically and financially, by being supported in their day-to-day operations.

Founded in 1998, HeartCare Imaging, in addition to supplying the best equipment, deploys experienced personnel that help physicians maximize their imaging operations. “We provide an all-inclusive offering that includes equipment, personnel, education, and additional services that ensure the highest quality 24/7 operation,” states Robert J. Stilley, president and CEO of HeartCare Imaging.

HCI has gained a lot of traction in nuclear medicine and ultrasound with their imaging modalities also covering positron emission tomography (PET), ultrasound, CT, and MRI. Though the company initially provided services exclusively for cardiology groups, today, HCI is experiencing a rapid-growth, extending its reach to university sites, critical access and rural hospitals.

To elaborate more on their value proposition, Stilley cites a case scenario where a leading research university’s nuclear cardiology program was underperforming. Deeply troubled with the lack of right personnel and outdated and poor-quality imaging equipment, the university reached out to HCI in 2002. “With HCI’s team, not even a single scan day has been missed in the last 16 years,” extols Stilley. The acclaim was for HCI’s passionate professionals and motivated technologists that worked in tandem with state-of-the-art equipment.

What further sets the company apart is their dedication to educating physicians on how and when they can appropriately order the diagnostic tests for patients.

We provide an end-to-end offering that includes equipment, personnel, education, and additional services that ensure 24/7 operation of the equipment

The HCI team also assists physicians in keeping pace with the latest cutting-edge imaging technologies in the market. On the patient front, the team educates them on the importance of tests, which in turn helps in the decision process of undergoing appropriate tests.

HCI’s services also encompass lab accreditations, licensing, and optimizing the schedule for both patients and physicians alongside innovative solutions to reduce operating expenses. HCI works with the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission to ensure that their client’s labs are certified by the universally recognized authority. “We ensure that our client’s lab is up and running with the best possible quality standards that guarantees the highest quality diagnostics for the patient and physician,” remarks Stilley. Furthermore, assuring a hassle-free licensing, HCI takes into its fold the processes related to applying and maintaining the appropriate licenses to meet state and federal requirements.

With HCI’s best-of-breed technologies and exceptional services, it is hardly surprising to note that their loyal customer base continues to be a part of their success story. “We hire the best professionals in the industry and their job satisfaction and passion for what they do is vital to achieving a meaningful and successful customer journey,” remarks Stilley. Befittingly, HCI has bagged the title of ‘Modern Healthcare Best Places to Work’ for two years in a row—2017 and 2018.

According to Stilley, HCI’s uniqueness stems from the fact that they truly always do the ‘right thing’ for their customers. In the wake of telemedicine gathering momentum, HCI is leading the way in trying to bring telemedicine to rural facilities across America to make sure that their patients are treated well and cared for. HCI embraces telemedicine as the natural extension of imaging and treatment services provided to partners in rural critical access hospitals.

HCI’s deep-rooted ethos is definitely on ensuring that patients are diagnosed and treated with the utmost care.