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Top 10 Medical Imaging Solution Companies - 2018

The influence of medical imaging in healthcare is rising at a steady pace. It is revolutionizing the patients’ and practitioners’ outlook toward health and diseases. Medical imaging helps medical professionals see the interior of living human body without actually having to cut it open. The role played by medical imaging is so significant that without it, the detection of many common diseases would not only be slower but oftentimes even be impossible.

The past 50 years have been a period of transformation in medical imaging. Sonography, nuclear medicine technology, and radiography were the diagnostic medical imaging modalities or tools until the use of computer technology became prevalent. With the onset of computer technology, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (Computed Tomography) became the most widely used medical imaging technologies. Some of the recent advancements in this field include hybrid imaging technology, imaging systems with lower ionizing radiations, cryogen-free preclinical scanners, 3D printing, computer-aided design, and enterprise imaging are forcing medical imaging solution companies to deliver innovative solutions.

Also, a number of other technologies such as Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) have also been developed to provide support to medical imaging. PACS is a medical imaging management solution that makes it easier to store and access the massive volumes of medical images developed in the radiology department. This has helped physicians get better insights into the patient’s recovery and also make changes to the care cycle if necessary.

Considering all these facts, a distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the Healthcare Tech Outlook's editorial board has selected a list of the top medical imaging solution providers. They leverage innovative technologies and strategies to help healthcare providers not only in enhancing their diagnostics capability but also go beyond it to play a proactive role in disease prevention. We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Medical Imaging Solution Providers - 2018.

    Top Medical Imaging Solution Companies

  • Advanced Radiology Solutions (ARS) offers a comprehensive teleradiology platform that comprises the full gamut of image management solutions. ARS is a leading medical imaging solution provider that began a venture with a robust PACS System with voice recognition software, highly skilled radiologists, and a commitment to quality, improvement, and growth. The company focuses on providing quality care for the patient, high-quality image interpretation, and meeting the individualized needs of the clients. ARS provides remote radiology for all types of clients including urgent care centers, doctor’s offices, community hospitals, stand-alone emergency room clients, teaching hospitals, and major trauma centers. The radiologists of ARS are board certified, experienced, and fellowship trained physicians who ensure the highest level of quality image interpretation and consultation and provide timely, accurate, and quality imaging interpretation and patient care.

  • The company offers end-to-end imaging optimization for health systems to improve the quality and cost of care while optimizing the experience of patient and providers. The patient-centric platform of ImageMover delivers end-to-end imaging optimization for health systems by connecting to the existing system. The medical imaging solution provider, ImageMover enhances efficiency, raises revenue, and manages HIPAA compliance all over the care continuum by using web-native automation applications which collaborate with both the EMR and the VNA/PACs systems. The web-based application imports images and all types of media such as PDFs, DICOM, and non-DICOM images into a central archive system from any work-station of an organization.

  • One of the leading medical imaging solution providers, ImmersiveTouch provides a suite of solutions for surgical planning, patient engagement, and surgery skills training using innovative virtual reality technology. ImmersiveTouch is founded by a group of surgeons and engineers in 2005, offering the next generation of medical VR software. After getting the clearance from the FDA for VR platform, the surgeons are planning complex surgical cases using this platform. Hospitals are enhancing the patient experiences, and residents are better conceived for surgery with the surgical simulators of the company. The ImmersiveView Surgical Planning (IVSP) platform of the company transforms 2D patient scans into high-fidelity 3D VR models for visualization that provides a whole range of tools for surgeons to plan their surgeries.

  • Koelis offers the latest technology for personalized prostate cancer planning and management, from biopsy to active surveillance and targeted treatment. This medical imaging solution provider is a prostate care company that assists radiologists and urologists from around the globe in their regular clinical practice by providing the latest technology for customized prostate cancer planning and management. The company focuses on developing less invasive, advanced, and targeted solutions to create and bring a new paradigm in prostate cancer care so that physicians can give the most customized answers to their patients by avoiding any over or under treatment and preserve the quality of life. Trinity cartographer which is a cutting-edge imaging tool integrates multiple imaging modalities with full 3D ultrasound offers a complete and multi-parametric approach and improves diagnostic confidence.

  • Lantheus Medical Imaging provides a broad portfolio of products primarily used for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Lantheus is a leading player in medical imaging solution provider that develops, manufactures, and commercializes important diagnostic imaging agents and products which help healthcare professionals identify disease and enhance patient care and treatment. The products offered by the company help practitioners in the diagnosis of conditions affecting the brain, heart, lungs and other organs using nuclear imaging and echocardiography. The focus of the company is to enhance the existing imaging modalities and achieve the unmet diagnostic medical imaging requirements using positron emission tomography. Lantheus offers an array of products that are primarily used for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases which includes echocardiography contrast agent DEFINITYVial and Xenon used to evaluate pulmonary function and for imaging the lungs.

  • Offsite provides vendor-neutral archiving services based on an open architecture design and industry enterprise archiving standards. The technology of the company combines seamlessly with other applications and eliminates concerns about obsolescence and future storage needs. A leading player in providing medical imaging solutions, Offsite provides web-based solutions RIS which is totally scalable and extremely efficient. The team uses certified IT project management methodology to help plan, size, implement, and integrate the solution. The vendor-neutral archiving service of the company offers many departments image storing and achieving abilities across any PACS and stores data from any PACS. It transparently migrates between storage platforms from any storage vendor using any storage technology painlessly and cost-effectively.

  • Prestige Medical Imaging (PMI) provides high-quality medical imaging products and services for professional sports teams, hospitals, orthopedics imaging groups, chiropractors, and veterinarians. The company is a prominent medical imaging solution provider that has the ability to serve a variety of customers catering to the specific needs of the customers regardless of their size. Since its foundation in 2003, the company has gained strategic partnerships with foremost manufacturers who specialize in cutting edge technology and quality product line extensions. PMI has Installed fully integrated X-ray rooms with digital radiography, state-of-the-art mobile digital radiography X-ray system, CARESTREAM onsight 3D extremity system cone beam CT (CBCT), and a state of the art radiology suite, catering to the unique requirements of the medical environment across the globe.

  • Scriptor Software generates high-quality and error-corrected reports with their specialized rScriptor software which is compatible with any voice recognition platform. One of the largest providers of medical imaging solution, Scriptor Software delivers high-quality medical reports using their innovative software. rScriptor provides numerous ready-to-use radiology report templates that can be easily modified and creates more than six lakhs reports every month around the globe. The software is updated frequently to cope up with the changes in the requirements of Medicare, ICD-10, MIPS, and third-party player and make sure that it meets compliance and maximize reimbursement. rScriptor is compatible with every word processing application such as Microsoft word, Powerscribe, and dragon diction. It enhances productivity by reducing the burden of radiologists writing most of the subjective portion of the report and eliminates most of the redundancy in radiology dictations.

  • UltraLinq is among the leading players in the medical imaging market, improving the PACS and data management experience by building platforms that empower clients to deliver quality care in their practice. The company was started to provide quality care around the globe by giving access to data and tools to the clinician as per their requirement, by a pediatric cardiologist. Started as iCardiogram in 2001, the company focused initially on enhancing the PACS and data management experience for numerous clinicians and their patients. Later in 2007, it became UltraLinq and broadened its reach to offer solutions across the medical imaging spectrum. Now, UltraLinq supports customers worldwide in imaging modalities from radiology to point-of-care ultrasound with their mission to enhance healthcare services ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • M1 Imaging Center

    M1 Imaging Center

    M1 Imaging Center provides comfortable, cutting-edge medical imaging outside of a hospital setting to increase the quality and outcomes of patient care. For better results and quality of patient care, M1 Imaging Center delivers comfortable, cutting-edge medical imaging outside of a hospital setting and has found a place for itself among top providers of medical imaging solutions. Founded in 2014 with its first contract for DynaWell L-Spine, which is a compression device that simulates standing to allow for more accurate medical imaging of a person’s spine. M1 Imaging Center focuses on bringing the latest technology to give the clearest picture of the person’s health with better diagnostics that result in improving health outcomes. Medical imaging plays a vital role in figuring out the cause and root of a person’s pain so that the best solution and treatment can be delivered at the right time.