Top Medical Imaging Solution Companies
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Top 10 Medical Imaging Solution Companies - 2019

As a vast majority of the healthcare industry is propelled by medical imaging for accurate patient diagnoses and evaluation, data and deep learning play a vital part in that process. Often, misdiagnoses do not necessarily stem from insufficient practice or research experience, but rather, with the inherent nature of medical imaging and diagnosis is challenging to analyze. An accurate diagnoses process requires a sophisticated analysis of the massive data structures in order to determine a patient’s health and the course of treatment. The diagnostic imaging, on the other hand, serves as the precursor for deciding a patient’s journey through surgery or therapeutics.

The most sought-after advancements in medical imaging technology are that of hybrid imaging—a significant enhancement over PET/CT standalone systems. These hybrid PET/CT systems, alongside PET/MRI and SPECT/CT, and its ability to deliver precise and superior resolution images compared to standalone systems, have fast gained traction in the healthcare sector. In addition to implementing advanced systems in their infrastructures, major players in the healthcare sector strive to reduce radiation dosages from the imaging systems and gain a significant competitive edge. In response to that, another noteworthy medical technological breakthrough steps into the spotlight. A diagnostic imaging system that lowers ionizing radiation and its harmful effects while maintaining an unparalleled accuracy and hassle-free medical imaging further spurs the market growth. That said, the progression in MRI techniques, which include superconducting magnets, open architecture, and high-field MRI software applications, is fast attracting the attention of research laboratories, hospitals, and medical institutions.

With solution providers for medical imaging filling up to the brim in the industry, choosing the right partner is like finding a needle in the haystack for decision-makers globally. Mitigating this malady, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts, and Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board narrowed the top 10 medical imaging solution providers that exhibit competence in delivering innovation in the healthcare sector.

We now present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Medical Imaging Solution Providers – 2019.”

    Top Medical Imaging Solution Companies

  • Builds software to intricately look at cardiovascular issues, and offers insights to physicians to provide efficient diagnosis to patients

  • Provides patented, next-gen, unique speckle imaging technology, which enables neurosurgeons to visualize blood flow in real-time, continuously, and in a non-invasive manner

  • Provides innovative single-platform cloud-based solutions driven by a zero-footprint architecture that offers superior medical imaging and advanced workflow management

  • A medical imaging company dedicated to bringing new clarity to MR imaging

  • Takes into account all patient data, including clinical, claims, behavior, consumer, genomics and proteomics to provide a quantum improvement in care management and patient engagement by enabling earlier interventions and lower costs

  • AGFA Healthcare

    AGFA Healthcare

    Agfa HealthCare was founded in 1867. Agfa HealthCare offers the healthcare industry with e-health and digital imaging solutions. Its enterprise imaging solutions include radiology PACS, cardiology, business intelligence, dose monitoring, and other solutions. The company also offers a health management platform that enables health care providers and referring physicians to access their patients’ health information.The company provides the healthcare industry with equipment, managed and cloud, financial, GRIP, and security services.The South-Carolina based firm continually applies extensive knowledge to deliver innovative medical image management solutions to fuel advancements of the healthcare sector and help its clients steer ahead of other market peers

  • Ambra Health

    Ambra Health

    The medical data and image management company renders a cloud-based platform that serves as the backbone of imaging innovation and progress for healthcare providers. The robust platform empowers some of the leading health systems to improve imaging with collaborative care workflows. The platform can be seamlessly integrated to deliver intuitive solutions that can facilitate internal adoption, strengthen collaboration, and significantly improve business outcomes. The New York-based firm continually applies extensive knowledge to deliver innovative medical image management solutions to fuel advancements of the healthcare sector and help its clients steer ahead of other market peers

  • Arterys


    Arterys was founded to facilitate the global advancement of medicine through data, artificial intelligence and technology. Because a significant proportion of the world's medical data resides in medical images, Arterys set out to tackle several issues around the space, including the enormous workloads radiologists face, the lack of accuracy with many of today's tools, and the need for increased consistency across practices. The company was the first to receive FDA clearance for a cloud-based product with Artificial Intelligence, and currently has 5 FDA clearances, and is active in 28 countries. Arterys continues to focus solving some of radiology's most pressing needs

  • BioClinica


    BioClinica delivers integrated and technology-enhanced clinical trial management services to maximize efficiency and manageability throughout all phases of the clinical trial process. BioClinica supports pharmaceutical and medical device innovation with imaging core lab, internet image transport, electronic data capture, interactive voice and web response, and clinical trial management. BioClinica‘s solutions provide deep understanding about the clinical trials for better decisions driven by their scientific and technology-enabled approach. BioClinica’s solutions help trail sponsors and Clinical research Organisations (CROs) to develop new life-improving therapies for more efficiency and safety. BioClinica has supported the clinical development of many new medicines from early phase trials through final approval

  • Bracco


    Bracco Diagnostics, Inc. develops and markets clinical agents for use in X-ray or computed tomography, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1994, the company invests approximately 9% of reference turnover in the imaging diagnostics and medical devices sectors and has a portfolio comprising over 1,800 patents. Bracco is an international Group active in the healthcare sector through Bracco Imaging, Acist Medical Systems and the Centro Diagnostico Italiano diagnostic clinic in Milan. The company is a healthcare multinational company operating in 100 countries all over the globe